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Mentorship & Consultancy

Since 2020, I mentored over +40 startup founders from Ireland, Chile, Nigeria, Ukraine, Czech Republic and other countries on business strategy, product-market fit, product growth strategy, customer research methodology and new market expansion. I could also advise you on company incorporation & compliance in Ireland. Last but not the least, I am advising on adapting communication styles in multicultural environment; on managing remote hiring & working; and on wellbeing as a startup founder. 

For founders, I’ll be most useful if you planning to or already started working on your product; if your product has a digital footprint; if product haven’t achieve product-market fit yet. Additionally, my experience could be useful for anyone who moved from one culture to another and who needed to adapt the communication styles in process; for those who are transitioning into Product Manager role; and those who wish to start business in Ireland. 

I offer two options:

A Mentoring session is a short-term consultation. Firstly, we’ll talk about your current challenges. Depending on your goals, I’ll share with you my experience (including mistakes that I made, if relevant, so that you could avoid doing them); create a safe space for you to vent or to brainstorm together; help to clarify and set your goals; support you as an accountability partner. We’ll finish the session with a short summary of what we discussed, and with next steps outline. I’ll ask you to fill in a feedback form for me after the session.   

Consultancy project is a long-term commitment. Examples of engagements: I could write a Product strategy outline; provide you with a bi-weekly 1-1 long-term mentoring; serve as a Non-Executive Director in Irish Company or a part-time Growth Product manager etc. Book a 30-min Discovery call to discuss how I could help you to complete your goals.  

Free Mentoring for qualified startups:

In the last couple of years I’ve been focusing on founders from under-represented groups: for example, those who are from Emerging markets or Female founders. In 2022, I am working with Refugee Founders, i.e. people who had to move to another country because of the war or other hardships, and who want to start a new business in Ireland or in EU. I am warmly encourage you to a start a conversation with me, no question is too big or too small. 

My focus areas:

  • Starting a new business or relocating a business to Ireland: advice on first steps, incorporation, tax & compliance.
  • Product management: customer research, strategic planning, product delivery & execution.
  • Revenue growth: financial planning, improving unit economics, P&L, changing business model.
  • Go-to-market strategies & international expansion strategies.
  • Data-driven growth through paid marketing, SEO, content marketing and community building.
  • Well-being for startup founders and remote workers: productivity hacks, time management, mindfulness.
  • Adapting your communication style: as an expat living in a foreign culture, or a manager hiring internationally

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Free 1h mentoring session is offered to qualified startups.

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I am offering consultancy on hourly or part-time basis. 

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5 out of 5 for Valentina's openness, knowledge and willingness to think outside of the box!
Highly recommend Valentina- great knowledge of tech start-ups, a genuine person with genuine advice.
Caoimhe Hughes