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Mentorship & Consultancy

Since 2020, I have mentored over +40 startup founders from Ireland, Chile, Nigeria, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and other countries on business strategy, product-market fit, product growth strategy, customer research methodology and new market expansion. I could also advise you on company incorporation & compliance in Ireland. Last but not least, I am advising on adapting communication styles in a multicultural environment, managing remote hiring & working, and on well-being as a startup founder.

For founders, I’ll be most useful if you are planning to or have already started working on your product, if your product has a digital footprint, or if the product hasn’t yet achieved product-market fit. Additionally, my experience could be useful for anyone who moved from one culture to another and needed to adapt the communication styles in the process, those transitioning into the Product Manager role, and those who wish to start a business in Ireland.

I offer two options:

A Mentoring session is a short-term consultation. Firstly, we’ll talk about your current challenges. Depending on your goals, I’ll share with you my experience, including mistakes that I made, if relevant, so that you could avoid doing them); create a safe space for you to vent or to brainstorm together; help to clarify and set your goals; support you as an accountability partner. We’ll finish the session with a summary of what we discussed and with an outline of the next steps. After the session, I’ll ask you to fill in a feedback form for me.

A Consultancy project is a long-term commitment. Examples of engagements: I could write a Product strategy outline; provide you with a bi-weekly 1-1 long-term mentoring; serve as a Non-Executive Director in an Irish Company or a part-time Growth Product manager etc. Book a 30-min Discovery call to discuss how I could help you to complete your goals.

Free Mentoring for qualified startups:

In the last couple of years, I’ve been focusing on founders from under-represented groups: such as those who are from emerging markets or Female founders. In 2022, I am working with Refugee Founders, i.e. people who had to move to another country because of the war or other hardships and want to start a new business in Ireland or the EU. So, I warmly encourage you to start a conversation with me. No question is too big or too small.

My focus areas:

  • Starting a new business or relocating a business to Ireland: advice on first steps, incorporation, tax & compliance.
  • Product management: customer research, strategic planning, product delivery & execution.
  • Revenue growth: financial planning, improving unit economics, P&L, changing business model.
  • Go-to-market strategies & international expansion strategies.
  • Data-driven growth through paid marketing, SEO, content marketing, and community building.
  • Well-being for startup founders and remote workers: productivity hacks, time management, mindfulness.
  • Adapting your communication style: as an ex-pat living in a foreign culture, or a manager hiring internationally

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Free 1h mentoring session is offered to qualified startups.

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I am offering consultancy on an hourly or part-time basis. 

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5 out of 5 for Valentina's openness, knowledge and willingness to think outside of the box!
Highly recommend Valentina- great knowledge of tech start-ups, a genuine person with genuine advice.
Caoimhe Hughes